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LOVE these dungarees!

Fiona on 4th Feb 2020
I ADORE these. I find myself making up excuses to wear them. They break all my preferences in clothing, and somehow I love them.

I hate 3/4 length pants. I either wear above the knee, or right down to the ankle. I have long legs and 3/4 just looks like pants don't fit properly. But here, it works. It's the lovely wide legs, I think.
I don't wear pale colours. But this is a perfect denim colour, so it works.
They have an elasticised back. I generally dislike exposed elastic. But it's soooo comfortable.


The straps are a little long for me and I haven't yet got around to adjusting them. I just push the waist down on to my hips and hope for the best :)

And to my surprise, a remarkable number of tops in my wardrobe work perfectly with them - tops with ochre stripes, tops with biscuitty stripes, patterned white tops and little crop tops. (In fact, I have a sufficiently small bust that I can get away with NO top at all, and maybe one day I'll dare that ... ).

I've been teaming them with a pair of blue-grey sandshoes, and I feel cool and crisp, completely Scandi/nautical, and almost embarrassingly fashionable.

I wore them on a hot, muggy, smoky, coastal Xmas Day, when I was doing all the cooking for the extended family of 11. I just put them on and barely noticed I was wearing them. They're just comfortable and nice.

The linen doesn't crush as badly as linen can do, too. Just hanging them up seems to clear the worst of the rumples. I haven't had to iron them yet! (I'll iron them when damp after their first washing though).

Love them. Really do.